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San Francisco Bay Guardian | Heads Up: 8 must-see concerts this week

SF Weekly | The Video Game-Inspired Music of S.F.’s J-Pop Summit: A Chiptune Off the Old Block | TechConnect Brings Visual Art and Chiptune to Museum of Art

SJSU Access Magazine | A Glowing Star Review

Metro | Rockage Festival Proves It’s Not Just For Nerds

Live 105 | This weekend’s #rockage Fest features local rock and chiptune artists

Metro | Rockage Organizers Release Trailer Previewing New Festival

Metro | San Jose Rockage Festival Brings Old-School Gaming and Chip Music to Silicon Valley – Cover story

Live 105 | Top 10 Bay Area Bands/Artists You Didn’t See On The Top 20 Of 2011 – Feature

East Bay Express | Love Songs for Game Boys – Feature

San Francisco Chronicle | The Glowing Stars taps Game Boy for its chiptune – Interview

San Francisco Bay Guardian | Reprogramming the hardware – Feature

The Joystiq Show | 006: The Musical Players – Podcast interview

San Francisco Bay Guardian | The Performant: The future’s so bright

Veronica Belmont | Chiptunes with 8-Bit Band ‘The Glowing Stars’ – Feature

Front Towards Gamer | FTG Radio, Ep 46: Lizzie Cuevas (GamesRadar, The Glowing Stars) – Podcast interview

GamesRadar | TalkRadar 140 – Got it Bad – Podcast interview

GamesRadar | The Glowing Stars’ first chiptune-infused song, and details from GR’s own Lizzie Cuevas!


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