[DEMO] February 2011
Recorded by The Glowing Stars. Mixed by Riki Feldmann.

Chip In: Japan! March 2011
This is a compilation released by True Chip Till Death to benefit Japan. It features over 90 different chiptunes tracks, including our own “Group Study”

Anything Past That EP July 2011
Recorded by monobomb studios. Mastered by Hans Dekline.

Horchata EP January 2012
This is a 4-track split EP with Awkward Terrible recorded by The Glowing Stars.


6 responses to “Music

  1. You guys rock 😀 Found you guys through Anamanaguchi and have to give props – Love the style, some of the harmonies and stuff are awesome. Just getting into playing some chipstuff myself so this resonated with me. Awesome Sauce 😀

  2. I love this stuff. I might be biased from the glowing (haha) reviews on Talkradar but the fact that these songs are on repeat four or five times a day on my computer speaks for itself. I can’t wait to hear more from you guys. 🙂

  3. After the glowing reviews and appearances on Talkradar, I’m sorely tempted to buy the physical copy of this album. I’d rip it to my computer, then put it on display. Then in 10 years when the glowing stars is the most popular band in the history of music, I’ll be of the few hundred with a physical copy of their first album.

  4. Just got here after the big live LIVE show LIVE. Always wanted to see a band with a member who was chiptunes. Hope to see more!

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