TalkRadar 140 – Got it bad

If you missed it, here’s the podcast episode we were guests on – TalkRadar, episode 140. Thanks to Chris Antista for having us and letting us play our semi-acoustic, live version of “Got It Bad.” It was the first time Matt and I got together in a while, but it seemed to turn out okay! (I actually haven’t listened to it yet)

We brought in an acoustic guitar, a midi keyboard, and five Game Boys – one playing “Got It Bad”, two hooked up to the midi keyboard, one variable pitch modded Game Boy (see video below), and a Game Boy Light.

Click the link below to listen to the podcast. You can also find the episode by searching for TalkRadar in iTunes.


It’s a new year – a new decade, even – and what better way to celebrate than with some new music? Here’s a teaser video of some of one of the tracks we’ve been working on for our upcoming EP. We’re very excited to be releasing it soon!

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