More photos from DNA Lounge!

Photo by Riki Feldmann

We’re so freaking lucky to have such talented friends! AJAPOPFILMS already sent us a great set of photos from our show (check out the full gallery here), but we’ve also recently received live shots from Eric Hooten and Riki Feldmann and they’re AMAZING! Check them out on our PHOTOS page by clicking here or the link in the top menu. We’ll also be uploading some to our Facebook Fan Page. Here are some really cool ones:

Photo by Eric Hooten

Photo by Eric Hooten

Photo by Riki Feldmann


We’ve just uploaded a ton of awesome photos from the DNA Lounge show thanks to AJAPOPFILMS. Check them out on our Facebook Fan Page at the link below:

Don’t forget to share any of your own photos with us if you have them. Here are a few of our favorites:


Tom of All Ages

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Photo courtesy of ajapopfilms

Here’s what we’ve been up to, basically! Have you heard the new track yet? Head on over to our Bandcamp page at


For my new band The Glowing Stars, things have been really kicking off since we released our first track “I Know Now” on the internet. Special thanks to my cousin Phoebe Jacinto for recording backup vocals, Riki Feldmann for mixing our demo on such short notice, and Mike Bombon for designing our kickass logo and art for our demo.

Please “Like” our Fan Page on Facebook at if you dig our song! We have another song on the way called “Got it Bad” which should be released really soon. We’ll also be at PAX East giving away some cool stuff, so all you people out on the East Coast should come by!

On the subject of chiptunes, there will be an awesome nerdcore and chiptunes show tomorrow night in San Francisco at Studio! For those not in San Francisco, you can stream the show live at . Some of the artists performing are Crashfaster, who also puts on 8bitsf which Anamanaguchi has played, and Doctor Popular, who has actually asked me to perform a song with him! So yes, I will also be performing a song with him during his set, so don’t miss it! More info about the event here:

So, all that aside, we do have some great plans ahead for The Glowing Stars that hasn’t been announced yet. Some really big things, and some smaller things. More on that later, so make sure to at least follow my band on Twitter. 🙂