EP Pre-Orders now available online!

We just opened up our online store! Not much on there yet, but most importantly, you can now pre-order both our digital and limited edition physical versions of our upcoming EP, scheduled to release this Summer 2011. Check it out at the link on the right sidebar, or go to http://theglowingstars.bigcartel.com.

Those who pre-order will also get access to exclusive bonus content including never-before-seen photos, videos, and more. This will not be available to those who don’t pre-order.

In other news, thanks to all who downloaded our demo on Bandcamp for $2 or more. We just recently broke $200 in sales and will be donating 100% of it to the American Red Cross to support Japan this week! Awesome!


4 responses to “EP Pre-Orders now available online!

  1. Hey, im intrigued and i want to support, but right now im hesitant on the pre-order, are there any physical copies left?

    I love your guys’ groove though


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