Buttons, April 7, and Japan


Our buttons finally arrived today, and just in time for our show with Anamanaguchi and Peelander-Z, which is in less than a month! Buying tickets early is cheaper (and recommended), so make sure you do so on the DNA Lounge website! We’ll have these, as well as more stickers, at our merch table at the show, as well as some other fun stuff. And if you’re on Facebook, you can RSVP here! Please spread the word, San Francisco!

Aren’t these buttons awesome? Big thanks to Mike Bombon, who designed these. Show him some love by visiting his website or following him on Twitter @VULTR3.

Also, many, many thanks to everyone who’s bought our tracks already on Bandcamp. We’ve raised some money and we’re donating 100% of it to American National Red Cross to aid Japan. You can still help out by visiting our Bandcamp page. Additionally, we’ll have a NEW song in a chiptunes compilation organized by True Chip Till Death and Pixelh8. If you donate money here, not only will you be helping out the country, but you’ll also receive an awesome collection of chip music from talented artists everywhere. For more information, visit The Chip Fund at firstgiving.com.


One response to “Buttons, April 7, and Japan

  1. I really wish I could come see this show, but i am all the way in canada. hope you guys make it up to toronto for some epic scott pilgrim fun

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