Holy crap, Japan!

I know that personally, as soon as I heard about the tsunami in Japan, I was on Facebook trying to track down information on everyone over there that I know personally. So far, everyone I know of is fine, thank goodness.

But a lot of people aren’t. I’m reading crazy stories online that I’m sure you’re reading too.

We’re all searching for something to do to help – so here’s a little something you (and we) can offer back to the country that gave us all our amazing 8-bit gear (and, you know, some other stuff and cool people).

Since free downloads of our demo tracks on Bandcamp ran out a few days ago, a few people have been paying us money to download them, and today it hit us. For the forseeable future any and all money we make from our demo tracks on bandcamp will forwarded directly to the Red Cross to support their efforts in Japan. So go to http://theglowingstars.bandcamp.com, download some songs and send whatever you can to help out the land that birthed a million gameboys! Spread the word!


Here’s that embedded player again:

oh p.s. we’re of course also passing on the money we’ve already received. THAT’S RIGHT YOU GUYS, YOU WERE SUPPORTING TSUNAMI SURVIVORS BEFORE IT EVEN HAPPENED!


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