PAX East 2011!

Finally en route to PAX East 2011 in Boston, MA and I’m currently flying over Nebraska right now. The Glowing Stars stickers – I did not forget them! I’ll be passing ’em out on the showfloor. Follow us on Twitter to find out where I am.

One thing I’m especially excited about for this weekend is BOSTON8BIT‘s 3-day Chiptune Showcase at PAX. Check out the full schedule and lineup on Facebook. We’re hoping to someday play at PAX! But, more importantly, we’re already completely thrilled that we’ll be opening for Anamanaguchi and Peelander-Z at DNA Lounge on April 7. We already have some cool plans in the works for our set, so it’s guaranteed to be a fun show!

If you’re in the area, please come! You can buy tickets in advance from DNA Lounge online.

I’ll try to post some interesting stuff that goes on this weekend. I also am excited to post a promo video soon by ajapopfilms, so be sure to look for that on our site tomorrow. Hey, now I’m over Iowa!



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