The Glowing Stars on GamesRadar, and other plans

Though we only released one track so far, it feels like a million, billion things are going on – and they are!

We still plan on releasing one more song as part of our demo, but we’re also well on our way to recording our first EP in March, which is very exciting. Between now and then, however, we have several plans. In addition to writing more material, have a few video-related things in the works! You can also expect us to guest on a podcast pretty soon. We (or actually just Lizzie) will also be at PAX East in Boston giving away some cool The Glowing Stars merch.

That aside, we’ve had quite the presence on the internet this week. Since the release of our first track on Valentine’s Day, we’ve been featured in an article on, as well as had part of “I Know Now” play on the latest episode of TalkRadar, their official podcast. Check out the links below!

GamesRadar | The Glowing Stars’ first chiptune-infused song, and details from GR’s own Lizzie Cuevas!

GamesRadar | TalkRadar 139 – Marvel vs Killian

Lastly, we plan to release our EP in two formats: 1) It’ll be available as a digital download on our Bandcamp page. 2) We have plans for a limited run of 200 custom USB EPs on modified Game Boy cartridges. We’re actually in the process of collecting all of these cartridges, but if you have any lying around (they don’t have to be working) that you’re willing to donate, shoot us an e-mail at theglowingstarsband[at]gmail[dot]com. Those who have donated cartridges to us will receive a cool surprise pack which we have yet to announce in fuller detail soon.

That’s about all the updates we have for you! If you haven’t listened to our track yet, you can take a listen above. Please share it if you like it, and don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

The Glowing Stars’ first chiptune-infused song, and details from GR’s own Lizzie Cuevas!


4 responses to “The Glowing Stars on GamesRadar, and other plans

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  2. I loved the song, I listened to it when it was released and also when it was played on TalkRadar, remains stuck on my head. This is a good thing.
    These are awesome plans, I hope you guys do great!

  3. Tempo is sooo slow, almost put me to sleep, vocal harmonies need a lot of work too, and the bridge…if thats what your calling it sounds like a tornado cutting a path through a junkyard.

  4. this is great all the sounds from NES and Gameboy. So great. I loved that it was played on Talkradar. I am trying to spread the word of your band Lizzie so keep up the great work.

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